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  1. This online reservation system was designed to be work-friendly and phone/tablet-friendly.  If you experience problems using this site, please contact the Commissioner.
  2. If the event you wanted to play is not listed above, it means the tournament is now full.  Do not show up at a venue without a reservation, as you will be turned away.  Once we reach capacity, we will not be accepting walk-in Players.
  3. If your reservation request is successful after pressing the SUBMIT button above, you will be directed to a message on this website that states that your request was sent/received.  On some devices, you may need to scroll UP to see the message.
  4. For addresses and maps to our venues, visit the League website or click the logo of the desired location on this webpage.
  5. If you need to cancel your Seat Reservation, return to this site and click the CANCEL icon above.  This will allow others who want to play this tournament the opportunity to take your seat.  If you reserve a seat and do not cancel by 5pm or fail to show up, you will be assessed a penalty of 2 'Legs'.  If it happens that the tournament was full and you do not show up or cancel late, the penalty increases to 5 'Legs'.
  6. Acquiring a membership card for the Canadian Poker League is purely optional; there is no obligation to buy a membership card.  However, only card-carrying members are eligible to use our online seat reservation system.  Without a membership card, you are invited to arrive at the venue site and introduce yourself to the Tournament Director who will seat you IF there are seats available.  Only card-carrying CPL members are eligible for League prizes and advance into our final events.  If you play a tournament without first becoming a member of the league, you forfeit the opportunity to qualify for any final event that may be awarded through that tournament.
​​The Strangford
Victoria Park & St. Clair

Wednesday Nights:

​​​​Tournament Reservations:

Week of June 24th - 2018 Summer Series 

To cancel a seat reservation:

Midtown Gastro Hub
1535 Yonge St.


Monday Nights:

Tuesday Nights:

The Wallace
1954 Yonge St.